DTK.... workin for you! 

DTK.... workin for you!


Good news, DTK fans. We are back on a practice schedule and are working on some expanded set list material. Most importantly however, we have completed work on our promo dvd for our press kit. So, before long we will have this out to the several venues who have expressed interest in booking us. We have specific plans for Tulsa, OKC and Norrthwest Arkansas, so look for announcements of show dates in those places in upcoming weeks.

Today, the topic however is rock stars. One thing that drew us to this project was the total lack of modern rock stars! Why is that? All of the people who fit the mold of rock star, are people who have fit that mold for 20 or 30 years! Aside from U2 and Metallica, who in the last 20 years has emerged as an iconic rock star driven band? Nope, for the most part, you have to go back to the 70's or even the 60's in the case of the Rolling Stones. Where are the Steven Tylers, Paul Stanleys, Mick Jaggerses, David Lee Roths, Ozzy Osbornes and Paul McCartneys of today? Well, there aren't any. That's why all the cool old guys are still doing it, and selling out venues when they do.

The rock star ideology has migrated to rap. That's where all of the larger than life artists of today are found, and that's a shame for rock and roll. That's where you find the womanizing, bling wearing, hot car driving narcesistic egomaniacs of today's music scene, and Rock and Roll is in desperate need of new ROCK STARS!!!

I think that's one thing that made KISS so cool, and our show so much fun... the fact that everyone in that band was a legitimate rock star! You talk to four different KISS fans, and you'll have four different opinions on who was their favorite member of the band. That's cool! That's what it was supposed to be all about. Where is that now? I wouldn't recognize 99% of today's rockers if they were sitting next to me for four hours on an airplane.

So anyway, today's lesson is that rock and roll is not to be taken too seriously, but to be a true rock star, you need to be universally interesting! Today's rockers could take some lessons from Paul, Gene, Peter and Ace.

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