DTK tell all book in the future? 

DTK tell all book in the future?


OK... while you are waiting to hear about new dates for DTK live shows, I'll tell you a little bit about our creative process. We have honestly just taken some time off since Halloween. The pace of the 12 night, 36 set (12 hour days) schedule of that month was absolutely crazy at times and frankly we were pretty tired. I don't know how a band goes on the road with that kind of schedule, but I can honestly say we could NOT have done it without our road crew. I've said it before and I'll say it again... those people rock.

And I am SERIOUSLY thinking of writing a book about the development of this band. There is some serious off-beat and unintentional comedy along the last two years.... but again, I digress...

OK, so what is next? We develop new songs, we continue to work on improving and staying sharp with the songs we already perform in concert, and we reinvest some of our earnings back into the show - in the form of improved pyrotechnic devices, sound systems, equipment, costuming etc. We continue to work to improve ourselves as musicians - both instrumentally and vocally and we work to stay in shape - so as to look GOOD IN SPANDEX.

So what new songs are we working on? Well... that'll be a secret for now, but let me say this... every one of them was requested during the October shows - and so those are the ones we learn next. It's that simple. Whatever KISS songs we don't do, and you WANT us to do... let us know. We are either working on them or will learn them.

So this month marks TWO years since the origins of this project. In some ways, I can't believe it's only two years, and in other ways I can't believe how much of my life this has impacted. Seriously, even if nobody but whoever reads this blog reads it, I may have to write some kind of book about it just so we don't forget anything.

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