This one time at band camp... 

This one time at band camp...

green gene
Got to dig Ace's other band (bandcamp) tonight. Man are they good! Those cats can rock. If you haven't seen them, you should. I hear they like Jaggermeister. Anyway, good times... and most of the DTK crew rolled out to catch the show too. And as usual for us, various rock and roll style events occured which will have to make it to the book I'm gonna write someday! But I digress...

Before that, I took in a Latenite Drive show. Those cats can rock too! Man, Tulsa is just full of good bands. Marc Nelson, the bassist of Latenite Drive also has another band - Let's Zeppelin, which of course is a zep trib band. Another great band.

So today I'm getting yet ANOTHER request by some very kind fans in Northwest Arkansas to play a gig over there. That's at least the third person in the last two weeks that has told us they will help us pack out a show over there, and I'm pretty slow sometimes, but it is starting to sound like a good idea to book a gig in northwest Arkansas. Ya think?

As always, DTK is planning for the future. Right now we are compiling a list of "new" songs to learn and add to the growing set list.

Any suggestions?

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Comment How about "The Boys Are Back In Town"?!?! My friend says thats not a KISS song but I'm sure it is.... NOT!!!

Sat Nov 12, 2005 12:41 pm MST by Anonymous

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