What's next for DTK? 

What's next for DTK?

OK, so we had our big end of the Castle "tour" band party last night at Ace's house. It was a great time. And let me take a sec to wish McKenna Smith (our photog chick and makeup chick) a happy birthday. We sang happy birthday to her and had a feast while watching Ace's dog make kamakazie runs at fetching a tennis ball.

We also watched video from our shows on friday 10/29. Good stuff! That may have been overall, our tightest pair of sets we did. Only problem is that was the night that Peter started losing his voice. In fact, he started the day ill and pretty much hurled right at the end of the first set. Those of you who heard him sing Hard Luck Woman that night know what I mean... The dude gave his voice for Rock and Roll!

Speaking of Peter (Joe), I have to mention to you... it's VERY hard to do what he did this last month. If you came to our show, you know he was on a 15' drum riser. He was so far removed from us AND the crowd, that he was basically playing totally by what was coming through is monitors. Here's the secret....

Our monitors were running on REALLY long cables which often caused such a drain on the power head that they literally overheated it and shut it down fairly often. The bad news is that this meant Joe (who was already on an island) was now even further disavantage and down to his last lifeline. The GOOD news is that his last lifeline was a little combo bass amp we ran from the main bass rig to a spot right by his right ear.

So, good thing for him he had a good bass player to follow! ;) Good for the bass player that he had a good band to play with!

So there you have it. Peter(Joe) by far had the most dificult roe to hoe of all of us. We are really proud of him for pulling it off so well.

So what's next for DTK? Good question. We are working on several opportunities for upcoming shows, and honestly we are taking a bit of a break after a very long month. Stay tuned though. We'll be updating this information pretty frequently.

Any questions or comments are always appreciated!


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